This is the website of Boriele Sim’s book trilogy «Five Lives on the Earth. Souls’ Evolution» You are welcome!

If you have some doubts about the following problems, 
this book is maybe just for you —

Why are you on this planet now and why people suffer here? 

If humans really have a highly developed mind, and they are guided by common sense relatively the creatures, why the history of mankind looks as a mad delirium? 

Do you believe the All-Seeing really exists, as well as in His blessings and punishments? Or you are sure your sins will decay with the body under the coffin lid? 

Do you know that your soul is deathless, and in the past it animated bodies of humans and creatures, not necessarily monkey’s? 

What do you think about those who first incarnated in human form and has the same rights as you? Isn’t it dangerous for society?

Do you know for what purpose the Creator has chosen for Himself people, and why the eternal Chosen People eternally suffered from enemies? 

If it’s not quite known to you and you are interested to clarify who are you, why are you here, what will happen with you, and what determines the future of mankind, then this book is definitely for you. 

Following after the thoughts of the main character, a young American physicist, and taking a participation in his disputes with omniscient old man, you will slightly open the amazing projections of the Supreme Truth, which were ignored, hided and distorted by the interested power for about 3300 years up to nowadays. 

The Original Source will answer your major life questions. 

Why not to get knowledge from the Source? 

Moreover, without any risk, and for the great success in your eternal life!

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