About the Book

In the language of the Torah which was given to people by the Creator, the original word «life» is plural and only the plural – «haim,» which corresponds to the Truth of the Creator. For the same reason there is no word «face» in the singular, but only «faces» – «panim». After all, your face in the present it is not quite you, you had a lot of faces and still will! 

Prophets new this, a lot of people on the planet believe in this but far not all, especially in Europe.

“Were an Asiatic to ask me for a definition of Europe, I should be forced to answer him:  It is that part of the world which is haunted by the incredible delusion that man was created out of nothing, and that his present birth is his first entrance into life”. [Arthur Schopenhauer] 

“I adopted the theory of reincarnation when I was 26. Genius is experience. Some seem to think that it is a gift or talent, but it is the fruit of long experience in many lives”. [Henry Ford] 

The following text is a fragment from the everyday Jewish bedtime prayer:

“Master of the Universe, I hereby forgive everyone who angered and provoked me, or whoever sinned against me, whether he hurt me physically or monetarily, or he insulted my honor or harmed anything I own, – whether he did it inadvertently or intentionally, or accidentally, or brazenly, whether he committed it in word or in deed, whether in the present incarnation or another, – let no one be punished because of me!”.

Anthropologists study the bones. Historians are studying the chronology of the bodies’ murder. The science of the human being origin and development is engaged bodies exclusively. Now Genetics joins the same. We are interested in what a man distinguishes from animals and from other people – in his soul. We want to know what happens to the soul, for a man is a spiritual being. 

The idea that all people are created equal is a beautiful fantasy of philosophers-humanists, which needs a fundamental clarification. The main disparity between people is not in the wealth of a man, and not in the power that he got by chance, but in the souls’ qualities, in the level of its development: one soul is advanced, another – less conscious, the third is very immature.

The evil and suffering come from the low level of souls’ development: “the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth”. These are the «children of humanity.»

In the spiritual world the Truth and Justice triumph. Triumph of evil is possible only at the lower planets such as Earth. It’s a place accumulating people of five lives – very different in the development of their souls. It’s a place, where the majority has no desire to know the Truth of the Creator, and where there is a never-ending struggle – materialistic in the form and purpose, but ideological in the origin. Most do not distinguish clearly good and evil, and their undeveloped consciousness is confused by the interested parties who are fighting for what them want, whether it’s even a great evil.

Why some people are kind and merciful, and others – bad, greedy and cruel? 

Selfishness of immature souls is expansive and unpredictable. The person feels only himself, wants to afford everything and enslave others. Habits and stereotypes replace the personal opinions of “spiritual babies”, but they don’t understand it. Their consciousness is the object of influence and manipulation. They are recruited by all kinds of parties, socio-political and religious-missionary movements. The party discipline and religious traditions are for such as they, and they are recruited by terrorists. They are the main object of advertising, and most television programs and movies, and a lot of industries, including producing the so-called fashionable products and countless unnecessary goods and services.

Human society is arranged badly. If we estimate the effectiveness of the humanity’s efforts in terms of real needs – spiritual and physical, we can say that ninety percent of the labor is ineffective or useless, more than ninety percent of the fuel is burnt in vain. Millions of greedy individuals earn on the ignorance and fear of billions, humbly paying for their ignorance, insecurity, laziness, cowardice and idealism, for their liberal right to say any nonsense and listen to similar from others.

Why neither education, nor humanistic theory, nor technological progress does not lead mankind to a bright future and does not relieve it from hatred, greed and other passions, prevailing in more or less empty souls of men?

A man changed the world around him, but the attitude of mankind to a factor of spirituality little changed; still only a few people who have reached a certain stage in the moral consciousness seek to change ourselves and their souls’ quality to meet the requirements of the Creator. Complete chaos reigns in the perception of human existence and purpose of humanity, and ways to achieve them. People are still suffering from the people.

While the lack of consciousness and indifference has access to the power, harmony on the Earth remains unachievable, no matter how mellifluous speeches are spoken.

Society like the air needs highly spiritual, gifted and talented persons. Without such people, humanity would a long time ago exploded, devoured, choked, poisoned or rot itself, without even realizing what it was. To this day, it breaks away to do something similar, inspired by the numerous examples of low art.

Equal rights principle even in a small community is fatally flawed way to make the best decision at voting candidates for senior positions. First and second life people are not aware of the spiritual essence of what is happening on Earth and may vote as they prompt by the interested parties – to the detriment of themselves and society as a whole, and the vast majority of such people.

If the upright with an immature soul looks different from the others, for example, would have a dark green color, lightening with the development of consciousness, humanity would quickly realize that you can expect from the dark green. Learn to distinguish!


The above text is a set of excerpts from the trilogy «Five lives on Earth. Souls’ evolution”. Now let us ask a few questions to the reader who first time arrived on this page. 

Do you think that GOD REALLY EXISTS AND HE IS ALL-SEEN AND ALMIGHTY, or is it a religious invention to enslave the ignorant people?

Is it true that God appeared to the pagans 3300 years ago, announced them the Ten Commandments, demanded: «Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,» and gave strict moral precepts which the Torah has kept, along with a description of the events leading to this phenomenon, and followed it? 

Is it true that the world is created by God, and there are spiritual worlds, where souls descend to the conceive fetus from and where return after the death of the body to?

Is it true that the soul will have to answer for all acts committed by it on the planet Earth? 

Is it true that GOD – ONE, SINGLE, and is not surrounded by relatives, some of which there are evidence of religion, requiring worship them?

Is it true that GOD judges sinners on the principle of «measure for measure», and only non-action of evil and repentance are able to save the soul from suffering honored in the life? 

It is not true?..  If you did not believe in God and therefore are ready at any moment to go to the grave with your knowledge, experience and sins, though forever … you should know: you certainly will leave your body-suit and will return from the earth’s duty journey to the world of souls! The pupated caterpillar leaves its previous body-cocoon and emerges into the world of flowers charming butterfly, like the metamorphosis will happen to you. You have to report back, to relive the events of the last life, and lesson for yourself.

In whatever you still believed, in the trilogy you will find convincing evidence that all this is true. You may find that you are immortal, perhaps you will find the key to self-comprehension of the Supreme Truth. Perhaps there will be changes in your perception of the world, and you feel yourself an independent person in charge of the meaning of life and the price of the temptations and sins. 

The plot is simple, the goal is to reveal the projections of the Supreme Truth – knowledge, resist what human nature, consciousness, programmed by household and ideological prejudices, and more or less selfish soul – that is affair.

Along with the main character you will visit other worlds and will remember the past incarnation, learn about the existence of incorporeal, get acquainted with the experiment that started with Adam, and will be familiar with your earthly mission. You will be surprised Charles Darwin’s mistake and learn about your proximity to the smaller brothers, but not with design of the body. 

Perhaps you will understand who you are and what are the mechanisms of creativity, why you given age, and what are the true causes of the bloody history of mankind, which entered its final phase.

Old man Nun admitted to the Supreme Truth and asking the questions, which put into a blind alley «knowing the answers,» step by step will clear up your mind and introduce the ancient manuscript, which undermines the veil of secrecy overriding the world people. 

You have a chance to see many new and unexpected in the familiar things and events. 

Probably you will understand that not accidently was born here and in this era, as you will find a causal relationship between events, which assumed random. 

Perhaps you will be aware of the immortality of your personality, which justifies efforts to improve yourself up to the last breath. And having become acquainted with the projections of the Supreme Truth, you are unlikely will waste time in vain pursuits and illusory values, in which there are bound to be disappointed.

We say «probably» and “perhaps” only because they have no idea about the spiritual needs of the readers. For some of them all that is irrelevant at this time, for someone – unreachable to understanding, and an interest to the universe will appear or later, or in the following embodiments.

Surely there are highly spiritual young people, not a blinkered ideology, which have the desire to make a personal contribution to the Kingdom of SPIRITUALOCRACY – Paradise on Earth. 

God bless you and light the way!