About the Author

Boriele Sim (pseud), was born in 1946 in Leningrad, USSR. He graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University with M.Sc. in Electrical and Radio Engineering, and then received PhD degree in EEE. In his second dissertation a functional model of human vision was created and applied in the areas of image processing. He received a DSc degree from Saint-Petersburg State University of IT, Mechanics and Optics (1994).
For almost three decades he worked in the All-Union Television Research Institute in the department that have made the Moon’s backside snapshots the first time in human history. He was a designer of image processing systems and project manager of Military Space Intelligence Equipment. Then for five years he worked in the Israeli-USA company as a designer of algorithms for the measurement robots with nano-meter range accuracy for microelectronic industry, which were purchased by Samsung, IBM, Intel, Philips et al. One of his inventions was an algorithm for people recognition in the crowds on the base of real time video. This was a single system doing that, applied for the people counting in shops, banks and the other public places across the world. 
Since 1996 he lives in Israel.


His student days the author felt persistent rejection of the materialistic interpretation of a man as a body, as a direct successor of primates, with the approval of the base passions as an engine of humanity progress. He did not believe also in the religious myths. Studying human knowledge and fundumental works the author realized that he does not understand who is a man, what is the meaning of life, why people are suffering and deliver pain to others, and why they still do not understand this. 

After going through the trials of life, many years ago on his own experience he become convinced of the existence of the Supreme Mind. Writing the book «Five lives on the Earth. Souls’ evolution» he began in 2002, when in the course of Torah study his mind opened up the parts of the creation, and when he had got the answers to the questions plaguing him from the Torah – from the First Hands – from the Creator.

The author testifies that he does not construct the texts, but only ponders on the issues and asks questions and then records the incoming answers. Having doubts he re-asks, and put the received answers in the suggested narrative form. Moreover, he is convinced that all his scientific and technical ideas and inventions were received by him from the higher spheres. He just should have sufficiently deep knowledge and erudition, and be well focused on the problem interested him. The author believes that a lot of people are working by the same way and he described this phenomenon in the book as well.