About the Translator

Elena Crumbaugh was born in Sverdlovsk, Russia. She graduated in Physics from the Kazakhstan State University (second degree) with honors in 1978 year. After that she had received a degree in English Philology from Almaty Foreign Languages Institute also with honors.

Since 1994 she lives in USA with her husband and son, who were born there.

Elena has many hobbies, the first of them is a painting. Fine arts takes away a significant part of her free time.

After reading «Five Lives in the Earth. Souls Evolution» she thought the book will be interesting and useful for many people. Having a native Russian and professional, almost native English she started translating it. She did this along with her full time work, and had completed translation of the first book of the trilogy to the end of 2014.

Elena’s portraits were made by the author on the base of original image processing algorithms.